Thursday, November 29, 2007

Extortion - Degenerate (2006)

Australia’s Extortion offer up 19 tracks of hard hiting hardcore. Fast, brutal and to the point hardcore that can also slow down with great slow parts. Comparable to Infest or Lack of Interest or Negative FX or Siege; hardcore.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: DRI - Siege - Negative Approach

Track listing:
1 - Arson
2 - Lose Control
3 - The Beginning Of The End
4 - Get Fucked
5 - Degenerate
6 - Life Under Lies
7 - The Rising Tide
8 - No Such Luck
9 - Overwhelmed
10 - Curb Crawl
11 - I Got Mine
12 - Deluded
13 - 4 Outta 5
14 - Windows
15 - Manhunt
16 - Maniac
17 - Ramirez
18 - Messed Up
19 - You're Next...

Blanks 77 - Killer Blanks (1996)

Blanks 77 are a drunken'77 style pogo punk band, notorious for their Punk Rock-juiced live shows coast to coast and around the world. Ask any mohawked aficionado of Punk Rock who the Blanks are. See Blanks 77 get mentioned 80 times a month in Punk Bible Maximum Rock'N Roll. Blanks 77 are the children of a Punk Rock God and the Anti-Christ rolled into one!

Stauts: Active (just got back together)
Rock if you like: The Pist - Subhumans - Virus

Track listing:
1 - Party Train
2 - Chelsea Girls
3 - Punks And Skins
4 - Search And Destroy
5 - Get Out Alive
6 - Jehovahs Witness
7 - Next Generation
8 - Final Solution
9 - Bastards
10 - She's Gone
11 - Let's Riot
12 - Police Attack
13 - We're The Ones
14 - Spirit Of 77
15 - Sick
16 - Tensions
17 - We Don't Need You
18 - Just Another #
19 - Automatic
20 - Do Or Die
21 - Are We Having Fun Yet?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Murder City Devils - In Name And Blood (2000)

The Northwestern kings of gritty, nostalgic garage punk. This time around organ adds to the haunting appeal of an already bleak, party-like presence that the Devils have had since day one. And with the drunken anthems of "Rum to Whisky" and "I Drink the Wine," the all-around results of "In Name and Blood" equal a dark-humored rock & roll extravaganza.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Iggy Pop - Johnny Thunders - Firewater

Track listing:
1 - Press Gang
2 - I Drink the Wine
3 - Bunkhouse
4 - Idle Hands
5 - Rum to Whiskey
6 - I'll come Running
7 - Demon Brother
8 - Lemuria Rising
9 - Somebody Else's Baby
10 - In This Town
11 - No Grave but the Sea
12 - Fields of Fire

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rotten sound - Cycles (2008)

You should know the deal with these guys by now, if you don't then shame on you. Cacophonous face melting blast meets devastating groove with plenty o' mega Entombed crunch "Grind" of the highest order not out until January the 9th so enjoy.

Satus: Alive and fucking kicking
RIYL: Entombed, Nasum, Napalm death

01 - The Effects
02 - Praise the Lord
03 - Blind
04 - Units
05 - Corponation
06 - CVolonies
07 - Poor
08 - Days to Kill
09 - Deceit
10 - Caste System
11 - Alternews
12 - Simplicity
13 - Enigma
14 - Decimate
15 - Victims
16 - Sold Out
17 - Feet First
18 - Trust

All Teeth 666 - Self Titled (2006)

All Teeth are 6 friends that enjoy playing fast, furious and emotional hardcore. They draw inspiration from everything ranging from politics, religion to music itself. One could even go as far to say that All Teeth are pissed off at hardcore. This is their self released demo which does a great job at capturing the energy of their live set.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Ruiner - Die Young - Bury Your Dead

Track listing:
1 - Bridges
2 - Fuck What You Know
3 - Dead Man
4 - Murder
5 - Calloused Tongues

Crippler Cross Face - Where Did We Put That Dead Horse We've Been Beating? (2004)

Current and ex-members of DAUGHTERS, AS THE SUN SETS, WHAT FEEDS THE FIRE and BURY YOUR DEAD, this is an old project of said members that has just recently seen the light of day (thus the EP's title). This really isn't drastically different than the mentioned projects, although this does emphasis more on grind and thrash/powerviolence in comparison to the hardcore angle. However, the breakdowns are still pummeling and fans of said bands should be pleased. "Initially a side project that has snowballed into Providence legend status. This is Grind, short and ugly."

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Charles Bronson - Combatwoundedveteran - Spazz

Track listing:
1 - Volens Non Valeo / Blood On The Dancefloor
2 - Sex Toys And Power Tools
3 - You Will Never Know Us
4 - We Make Insanity
5 - Vae Victus / It's Tough To Be A Loser
6 - I Miss You Sweet Mercy
7 - Can I Get A "hells Yeah"
8 - Dear John...
9 - We've Only Just Begun

Devilica - The Journey Continues (2007)

Devilica is a 4 piece tech grind band out of Tampin, Malaysia. They often draw comparisons to The Dillinger Escape Plan, but honestly they sound more like some of the earlier San Diego post hardcore bands like Antioch Arrow and Clikitat Ikatowi. The Journey Continues does a great job of bluring genres while using non-conventional time signatures.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus - Thirty Called Arson - Nasum

Track listing:
1 - Symphony No 143
2 - Shut Up
3 - Look Into The Mirror
4 - Untitled Song Is The Common Title
5 - Don't Let Your Eyes Turn Red
6 - I Am Color Blind
7 - What Make Us Thick
8 - Barriers Make Us Loose
9 - Your System Is Not Meant For Us
10 - Like A Rat
11 - The Last Song

The Murder City Devils - Empty Bottles Broken Hearts (1998)

The Sub Pop debut full length from these Johnny Thunders and Iggy Pop inspired punk kings. Drawing a chalk line around the corpse of bloated indie rock, expect a much-needed dose of moody punk intensity.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Iggy Pop - Johnny Thunders - Firewater

Track listing:
1 - I Want A Lot Now
2 - Dancin’ Shoes
3 - 18 Wheels
4 - Left Hand Right Hand
5 - Ready for More
6 - Cradle to the Grave
7 - Dear Hearts
8 - Hey Sailor
9 - Johnny Thunders
10 - Stars in Her Eyes
11 - Another Round on You
12 - Every Shitty Thing

Shipwreck AD - Abyss (2007)

Shipwreck a.d. are the next great hope spawned from the Merrimack Valley hardcore scene. The same small music scene that gave birth to Converge, Cave In, Ten Yard Fight, and many more hardcore oriented legends. Driven by their contempt for humanity and true hatred for mankind, Shipwreck a.d. embody the same spirit of rage that drove Integrity, Ringworm, and Merauder to hardcore/metal crossover greatness.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Bloodlet - 108 - Modern Life Is War

Track listing:
1 - Squall
2 - Nereus
3 - Samur
4 - Beached
5 - Helix
6 - Miasma
7 - Lotus
8 - Erebos
9 - Thaw
10 - Ascent
11 - Zenith

Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Widows - Stops A Beating Heart (2002)

This Louisville hardcore outfit includes Rob Pennington (vocals, By The Grace Of God, Endpoint), Ryan Patterson (guitar, The National Acrobat, Automatic, Initial Records), Evan Patterson (bass, The National Acrobat) and Thommy Browne (drums, By The Grace Of God, Automatic). This release will certainly please fans of By The Grace Of God and The National Acrobat, but forges a new path that combines elements of both bands while following a decidedly more punk rock stylistic approach. Taking a strong influence from late 80’s DC hardcore such as Ignition and Swiz, Black Widows forge a chaotic and seamless blend of straight forward socio-political hardcore, early punk rock and Drive Like Jehu-inspired math-rock.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: The National Acrobat - By The Grace Of God - Breather Resist

Track listing:
1 - Name Me No One
2 - Black Sheep
3 - Answers To A .45
4 - Selling Point
5 - The Bean And Those Like Him In New York
6 - 11:59 Answering The Call
7 - It Gets Dark So Early

Red Handed - Wounds Remain (2007)

Red Handed's debut full-length is 14 tracks full of raging, pissed off hardcore punk from the San Francisco Bay Area. Following in the footsteps of The Nerve Agents and Outbreak, this band combines a similar formula of raw hardcore riffs, punk rock rhythm, and angry vocals. It's no secret that these guys love Black Flag, early ‘80s hardcore, and all things Dischord, and this LP is the evidence. Stay tuned; this is the next generation of Bay Area hardcore punk.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Trash Talk - Filth - Paint It Black

Track listing:
1 - Wounds Remain
2 - Losing Sleep
3 - Pulling Teeth
4 - Light The Match
5 - Room 13
6 - Forecast
7 - Maggots And Snakes
8 - RH Army
9 - Crashing Down
10 - Differences
11 - Time Is Up
12 - My Rules
13 - Other Side
14 - 17 Years

Frightener - Guillotine (2007)

Hot off of a split with Chainsaw Safety favorites Pulling Teeth, Britain's Frightener blast through 13 tracks of blistering metallic hardcore, blending the Cleveland metalcore sound of Integrity and Ringworm with more straightforward metal, like Entombed and Terrorizer. All the while keeping things heavy and dirty.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Ringworm - Entombed - Eyehategod

Track listing:
1 - Depression
2 - Smokescreen
3 - Acheron
4 - Bedlam
5 - Pattern Repeating
6 - Heretic
7 - Guillotine
8 - Fall Of Delphi
9 - Legion
10 - Murderous Numbers
11 - Violent Grave
12 - Black Rain
13 - Lifespite

Firewater - The Ponzi Scheme (1998)

New York-based band Firewater, incorporated a global range of musical influences into their highly-dynamic sound. A loosely-knit ensemble centered around the lead vocals of ex-Cop Shoots Cop bass player Tod Ashley. Firewater tied together such influences as Klezmer, Indian wedding music, art-punk, and Tom Waits-style cabaret poetry to create their heady, often quite danceable sound. Coupled with Tod A.'s acerbic, post-apocalyptic, and death-obsessed lyrics, Firewater was a band to be reckoned with almost from the beginning.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: The Clash - The Pogues - The Murder City Devils

Track listing:
1 - Ponzi's Theme
2 - Green Light
3 - Dropping Like Flies
4 - Caroline
5 - Whistling in the Dark
6 - Isle of Dogs
7 - Borracho (Ponzi's Relapse)
8 - Another Perfect Catastrophe
9 - So Long, Superman
10 - I Still Love You, Judas
11 - Knock 'Em Down
12 - Drunkard's Lament

Canvas - Self Titled (2000)

Meet Canvas, chug before chug ever existed, members went onto play In Beecher, Born from pain & Humanfly heavy as shit metallic hardcore for people with problems.

The self-titled full-length release by Canvas is actually a compilation of the EPs recorded in the band's early years, which blend the most extreme wing of old-school thrash -- Slayer and later Napalm Death come to mind -- with the more accessible side of '90s black metal (Cradle of Filth especially). But naming influences doesn't quite capture Canvas' sound -- it's challenging and intricately constructed, requiring a high level of musicianship and drawing harmonic and rhythmic concepts from jazz and progressive rock. None of this serves to mute the band's intensity, however; if anything, the jarring twists and turns only accentuate that quality. Overall, this is an intriguingly original body of work.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Overcast - Barrit - Dismebodied

Track listing:
1 - Unworthy Of Perfection
2 - Misery
3 - Last Prayer For Judas
4 - Internal Bleeding
5 - Unworthy
6 - Fortyonesixtyonefortythree
7 - Lord
8 - Inside-Outside
9 - Untitled
10 - Untitled

Shiner - Lula Divinia (Reissue) (2002)

Shiner's power-trio indie rock sounds tend to have a lot of dreamy, shimmering qualities, but it's for true rockers only -- Lula Divinia always returns to explosively heavy rock bombast that puts their overall approach on grounds quite close to those of Hum. As such, the album should prove immensely appealing to all of those rock adherents who didn't appreciate the movement of '90s indie toward its gentler, hazier side

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Sunny Day Real Estate - Christiansen - Kid Kilowatt

Track listing:
1 - The Situationist
2 - Christ Size Shoes
3 - My Life As A Housewife
4 - Lula
5 - Third Gear Scratch
6 - Sideways
7 - Pinned
8 - Shelflife
9 - Jim's Lament
10 - Four Feet Of Fence
11 - Cake
12 - Sleep It Off
13 - Two Black Eyes

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ann Beretta - To All Our Fallen Heroes... (1999)

Ann Beretta is a four piece punk rock outfit from Richmond, VA. They take straightforeward punk rock, combine it with rockabilly, a little country, and a whole lotta rock-n-roll. This album features 14 hard rocking anthems including the Cheap Trick classic "Surrender." Honest heartfelt lyrics and intense music combine to create a great album.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Smoke Or Fire - Avail - Young Pioneers

Track listing:
1 - Fire In The Hole
2 - Eye For An Eye
3 - Push To Shove
4 - Rumour Town
5 - Bully Me Now
6 - Vengeance
7 - Untitled
8 - Burning Bridges
9 - Brothers At Arms
10 - Like A Riot
11 - Mad At The World
12 - Haywire
13 - Love's Easy Tears
14 - Surrender

Sofa King Killer - Midnight Magic (2004)

Ohio's Sofa King Killer are on a bender. Blending hook-laden doom riffs, grooving tempo shifts, blues licks and whiskey-burned vocals, SKK are out to kick your ass. High-quality sludge/metal/hardcore.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Eyehategod - Down - Entombed

Track listing:
1 - It's Fun To Be The Bad Guy
2 - Taller Buckets Hold More
3 - The Getaway
4 - The God Out Of Reach
5 - Killing People Is Easy
6 - No Other Path To Pursue
7 - An Ode To Myself
8 - Don't Slow Me Down
9 - Thibodeaux
10 - Holy Bottle

Hands Tied - Self Titled (1996)

Hands Tied were a hardcore band out of the DC area in the early 90s. The blended Hardcore and punk rock almost as well as any other band out there. With out Hands Tied bands like Sinking Ships and Shook Ones wouldn't be who they are today.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Battery - Comeback Kid - Reach The Sky

Track listing:
1 - Signed Off
2 - Nothing Can Compare
3 - Rearrange
4 - What Lies Ahead
5 - Turn Away
6 - Another Year

Agents Of Abhorrence - Earth Water Sun (2007)

Frantic, discordant and all around brutal grind/fastcore from Australia that has been ripping heads off down under for a few years now. With their US tour with IRON LUNG in fall 2007 and this CD they are spreading the blast to North America. This is the new wave of DIY grind.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Discordance Axis - Insect Warfare - Leng Tch'e

Track listing:
1 - Salt And Earth
2 - Sentimentality & Nostalgia
3 - Viewing
4 - Shock Treatment
5 - Floodgate
6 - Love Song
7 - Outlines Remain
8 - Sick Disguise
9 - Puppet Fuck
10 - The Audacity Of You
11 - Under Earth
12 - Once A Bind

Labrat - Ruining It For Everyone (2002)

Never before has so much anger, hate, dark humour and rage been recorded. Labrat play a blistering mix of sludge/grindcore. All whipped into a chaotic frenzy with skull-cracking consequences. And not once on this record does the heavy brutality lose it's edge.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Napalm Death - Soilent Green - Mistress

Track listing:
1 - Diary Of A Piss Drinker
2 - Father Son And Holy Goat
3 - Retention
4 - Hilary's Song
5 - Rest Among The Silt
6 - Instant Karma
7 - Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard, Innit
8 - Merrick Sympathiser
9 - Phuelled by Farmiceuticals
10 - Two Pigs Fucking

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Century - Faith & Failure (2006)

The intensity captured on the Tribunal Records debut, Faith and Failure speaks for itself. CENTURY's devastating rhythms combined with angular guitar bursts and thick, growling bass provide a punishing backdrop to Slovak's throat ripping vocals. An exercise in progressive brutality, the effort mixes introspective lyrics with enormous metal grooves, atmospheric space rock and epic choruses. With numerous accomplishments already under their belt, CENTURY is poised to leave a wake of devoted followers as they move forward into what is undoubtedly a bright future.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Meshuggah - Engineer - Botch

Track listing:
1 - Obsolescence
2 - Bilateral Consequence
3 - A Threat, Conquistador
4 - Back Into The Woodwork
5 - The Last Neighborhood In America
6 - Watch Them Become Animals
7 - Maneater
8 - The Lungs Of The Ocean
9 - Kingsnake
10 - The Fate Of Arbogast

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Faceless - Akeldama (2006)

The Faceless is a technical death metal band from Los Angeles who have astonished their live audiences with dizzying guitar work, lightning fast drumming and unmatched brutality.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: All Shall Perish - Beneath The Massacre - Spawn of Possession

Track listing:
1 - An Autopsy
2 - Pestilence
3 - All Dark Graves
4 - Horizons Of Chaos I
5 - Horizons Of Chaos II
6 - Letra
7 - Akeldama
8 - The Ghost Of A Stranger

Feast Of Stone - Self Titled (2007)

This is the self released debut from the Connecticut quartet known as Feast of Stone. They use small elements from many different and unique influences which make for a fun and fresh listen. Raw, emotional and progressive, lots of promise to this young band.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Pg. 99 - Et Cetera - Orchid

Track listing:
1 - Dawn
2 - Awaiting Apocalypse
3 - Pillage
4 - Leading Astray
5 - Exile
6 - The Extinct
7 - Dusk

Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? (1996)

The debut full length from this New York outfit. It features members from Shelter, Resurrection, 108, Fountainhead and Copper. This is the follow up album from their S/T 7" which peaked in the top 20 in CMJ. The title is inspired from the last words John Lennon ever heard......"Do You Know Who You Are?" "It made no sense for us to be on any other label but Revelation. We want to be a part of history" says guitarist, Norm Arenas. Norm is joined by Garrett Klahn, Scott Winegard and Chris Daly. This release brings diversity from a hardcore backround. There are 9 tracks of energetic flavor produced by Jawboxs' J. Robbins. You say emo-core, we say whatever. Don't be left behind.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Quicksand - The Get up Kids - Far

Track listing:
1 - Johnny On The Spot
2 - The Magic Bullet Theory
3 - Nickel Wound
4 - There's No Way I Can Talk Myself Out Of This Tonight
5 - Something To Forget (version II)
6 - Do You Know Who You Are?
7 - Back And To The Left
8 - The Day's Refrain
9 - A Jack With One Eye

Hour Of The Wolf - Waste Makes Waste (2007)

If death is coming, then Hour Of The Wolf is its messenger. Hailing from Prescott, Arizona, this punk outfit is this era's answer to Misfits. Drawing other comparisons from the raw bitterness of Black Flag to the rock and roll solos of Motorhead, Hour Of The Wolf are one of the most promising up and coming punk bands in the country.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Motorhead - The Murder City Devils - Black Flag

Track listing:
1 - Taking Out The Trash
2 - Black Blood
3 - Set The Trash On Fire
4 - Animals Hot In Heat
5 - Blue Recluse
6 - Feeling Cheated
7 - Heavy Living

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hour Of The Wolf - Power Of The Wolf (2006)

Hour Of The Wolf is an Arizona-based hardcore punk outfit featuring members of the now-defunct Life In Pictures. They bring to mind some of the best the scene has ever seen, drawing comparisons to AFI, The Misfits, and Black Flag, playing fast and showing no mercy.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Motorhead - The Murder City Devils - Black Flag

Track listing:
1 - Eat You Alive
2 - Spit It Right Back
3 - Black Blood Transfusion
4 - Deaths Coming
5 - Turn On You
6 - Wild Man
7 - You're Through
8 - Burn It

New End Original - Thriller (2001)

NEW END ORIGINAL's first record is a big rock blast. A solid combination of everything that made the members' previous outfits so compelling, but carefully relevant and blissfully unguarded all the same. An exercise in diversity, Thriller is as raw as it is calculated, shuffling from high energy hard rock to meticulously crafted pop songs and VELVETS-styled melancholy both seamlessly and unapologetically.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Texas is the Reason - Piebald - Saves The Day

Track listing:
1 - Lukewarm
2 - 14-41
3 - Hostage
4 - Leper Song
5 - Titanic
6 - Better Than Ever
7 - Weary Progress
8 - #1 Defender
9 - Halo
10 - The Name
11 - Better Than This

Monday, November 19, 2007

Army Of Flying Robots - Life Is Cheap (2007)

"Life Is Cheap" is 11 tracks of unrelenting, noisy, fast hardcore. This record has the potentially to harm young children so please keep it out of their ears. Having witnessed AOFR live on a number of occasions I have to admit that this record is almost perfect in terms of the intensity that they produce live which is no mean feat. The intense and supercharged guitars tear through each and every track with some awesome riffs and some clever time changes and shifts in the pace of the songs. The drums aren't overly complicated which is good considering some drummers in this particular area of music try to overcomplicate things which just leaves everything sounding messy and horrible (Rainydayfuckparade anyone?) but this is gladly avoided on "Life Is cheap". The vocals sound a bit like the singer has been gargling glass and fire. The album is extremely aggressive throughout its entirety with the bits that are less aggressive getting kicked squarely in the nuts by something horrible aggressive shortly afterwards.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Left For Dead - Discordance Axis - As The Sun Sets

Track Listing:
1 - Drown
2 - How's That For A Kick In The Cunt?
3 - Tamerlane's Example
4 - Salt
5 - Fimbulvetr
6 - Embodiment
7 - House Of Butterflies
8 - In Hell
9 - In The Shadow Of Swine
10 - Many Tanks Make Light Work
11 - Black Hole In One
12 - Hidden Track

Apiary - Lost In Focus (2006)

Apiary is a 5 piece metalcore band out of the Bay Area in California. They blend elements of melody and chaos which make for a very unique sound. Lost In Focus is their IronCland / Metal Blade debut. If they continue to tour and wow audiences globally there are very good things in this young bands future.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Engineer - The Minor Times - Breather Resist

Track Listing:
1 - Pain Is the Reason
2 - Descent
3 - Extract
4 - Omnipresence
5 - Intervention
6 - Bliss In Vain
7 - Forced To Breathe
8 - Lustrum
9 - Peril’s Divinity
10 - Solidified Foundation
11 - Fading Imprint
12 - These Walls Are Permanent
13 - Finding A Way Back

Chronicles Of Adam West - We Walk Unbalanced (2007)

Straight outta Hampshire, self proclaimed "hardcore kids gone tech" Chronicles Of Adam West have arrived in style with a quarter-hour barrage of wayward noisecore excellence. Cut From the same chaotic cloth as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch and Psyopus, these five tracks will jab, hack and thrust their way into your conciousness with maniacal glee and surgical precision. With nimble fretwork and ear-catching riffs aplenty. COAW have channelled their influences into something of their own devising, bringing a fresh perspective to a largely stagnant scene. It's still early days yet, but "We Walk Unbalanced" is a promising start indeed.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Botch - Psyopus

Track Listing:
1 - Small Town Big Mouth
2 - Shit Eating Grin
3 - The Applicant
4 - Corvus Et Lupus
5 - Showcat

Infanticide - Extinction Scheme (2007)

Fucking intense Grindcore from these Swedish madmen with a nod towards Terrorizer's World Downfall but injected with enough killer riffwork and wicked breaks to give Extinction Scheme a sound all its own. Vocals are barked, screeched and howled as guitars grind your fucking head off. Fans of old-fashioned Grindcore and Swedish-style ultra-brutal Death Metal will worship this one.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Nasum - Napalm Death - Gadget

Track Listing:
1 - Attention Whore
2 - No Fucking Way
3 - Shitstorm
4 - Extinction Scheme
5 - Hollowpoint Saviour
6 - Existence On Repeat
7 - Brinnande Avsky
8 - Misanthropic Approach
9 - Du Aer Lurad
10 - Parasite Angel
11 - Leeches
12 - Brainwash Belief
13 - Snaran Runt Halsen
14 - Institutionalized
15 - Defused
16 - Saeld
17 - Plague
18 - To Quench Their Thirst
19 - Thoughts
20 - Cigarette Burns
21 - A Turn For The Worse

Medulla Nocte - Dying From The Inside (2000)

Formed in 1992, a bunch of no hopers from rural England decided on trying to become the most intense band in the country. Forged on a diet of Thrash and all things on the heavier end of the spectrum the band went through numerous changes before settling down to a unique blend of speed, anger and power.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Slayer - Pantera - DRI

Track Listing:
1 - Deafened By The Sound Of Silence
2 - Twice the Trauma
3 - Nervous Reaction
4 - Scared Of Strangers
5 - Has The Penny Dropped
6 - Nothing For Second
7 - Outcast
8 - Broken State Of Mind
9 - Inside I'm Dying

Myotonia - Self Titled (2007)

Hailing from Oakland, this five piece mathcore outfit seek to demolish everything in their path. Myotonia incorporates a plethora of different elements to create a shapeshifting entity of fury. The band just self-released their first full length record.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Burnt By The Sun - Harlots

Track Listing:
1 - Total Protonic Reversal
2 - Got Cat
3 - Industrial Melanoma
4 - Alligator Fukhaus
5 - Art of an Exit
6 - Tunnel Gag
7 - Media Vision
8 - Reverse Birth Tactics

The Swarm - Parasitic Skies (1999)

The Swarm are Straight Edge Power Violence for the whole family. Take Acrid and Left For Dead and put them in a dependable blender. Set on "Frappe". Total hardcore destruction!

Status: Inactive
Rock If You Like: Siege - Cursed - Force Fed Glass

Track Listing:
1 - Fucking Invincible at One A.M.
2 - Blink
3 - First Saved Message
4 - Plague
5 - God's Little Acre
6 - X On Our Knees X
7 - Upside Your Head
8 - Willing Victim
9 - Last Rites
10 - Familiarity Breeds Contempt
11 - Smooth Running Order
12 - Monopolized Reality for the Maintenance of Order

Advocate - From Soil Laced With Lyme (2003)

Advocate play blazingly fast thrash mixed with enough grind to unite punks, hessians, and hardcore kids alike under their flag. The boys from Advocate are determined to keep hardcore music firmly planted in the realm of PUNK where it has always belonged. Witness their opening volley with their debut release "From Soil Laced With Lyme".

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Converge - Backstabbers INC. - Crestfallen

Track List:
1 - Dawner
2 - Pottersfield
3 - Burrow
4 - Pearl
5 - Sell By
6 - Revolver
7 - Half Life
8 - Consumed
9 - Kalva Talvi Lumi Myrski
10 - Untitled Track