Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jigsore Terror - World End Carnage (2004)

Jigsore Terror was formed in year 2001 by Tobbe "Six Feet" Ander (Scams, Smooth & Greedy, Leukemia) on guitar and Adde Mitroulis (Birdflesh, General Surgery, Sayyadina) on drums. Very soon bass player Hampus Klang (Birdflesh, Bullet, Hypnosia) and vocalist Tobbe Eng (Thunderdog) joined the band.
The reason to start this project was to play some kind of old school death metal in the vein of the early brutal bands like Repulsion, Death and Terrorizer.The band made several songs and played some shows. In October 2002 they decided to record their first demo in Soundlab Studios. Six songs were recorded and the demo was sent to some labels. A deal was signed in 2004 with Listenable Records in France. The first album was also recorded in Soundlab by Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum, Genocide Superstars). Before the recording vocalist Tobbe Eng left the band due to lack of time. So Adde recorded the vocals on the album.

Status: Inactive
Rock If You Like: Birdflesh - Terrorizer - Repulsion

Track listing:
1 - Gorging on Exposed Arteries
2 - Skeletal Decomposition
3 - Slaughtered Existence
4 - Death Rattle Cacaphony
5 - Senseless Slaughter
6 - Rotten Heads
7 - Reeking Death
8 - Insane Torture
9 - Scattered Cranial Remains
10 - Violent Molestation
11 - Corpses on Fire
12 - Feast of Dismembered Limbs
13 - Brutally Murdered
14 - Bestial Frenzy
15 - World End Carnage


Friday, May 16, 2008

Hate - Morphosis (2008)

Hate hails from Poland. Their interesting blend of Death Metal with Black Metal breaks and cool melodies reminds of Behemoth shredding together with Vesania, while Vader are responsible so the whole thing doesn’t cross the Death Metal borders. Great overlooked/ignored death metal cd of 2008.

Status: Active
Rock If You Like: Behemoth - Yyrkoon - Misery Index

Track listing:
1 - Metamorphosis
2 - Threnody
3 - Immum Coeli (Everlasting World)
4 - Catharsis
5 - Ressurection Machine
6 - The Evangelistic Pain
7 - Omega
8 - Erased

Friday, May 9, 2008

End Of All - Art Of Decadence (2008)

End Of All encompasses all the best parts of Scandinavian hardcore/metal. If you liked their first album 'Same Shit But Different' you’re going to love this one. And for those of you who haven’t been graced by the auditory enlightenment that is End Of All, think Skitsystem meets Wolfbrigade/Wolfpack meets At The Gates. Every song on this album works on multiple levels.

Status: Active
Rock If You Like: Wolfbrigade/Wolfpack - Skitsystem - Disfear

Track listing:
1 - The Age Of The Serpents
2 - Wrath Is Unleashed
3 - Rotten
4 - .45 Statement
5 - Black Blood
6 - This Darkness Is Final
7 - Hatet Ar Min Borg
8 - Ensam I Morkret
9 - Henchman Of Hatred
10 - The Self-Destructive Machine
11 - Andlos Korridor
12 - Sista Vilan

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ticket To Hell - Man Made Paradise (2008)

Debut album from this Mexican one-man army. Ticket To Hell plays a bulldozing mix of 80's style Thrash and 90's era Death Metal. Conceived, written and performed by Jacobo Cordova, also known for his Majestic Downfall project.

Status: Active
Rock If You Like: Slayer - Possessed - Legion Of The Damned

Track listing:
1 - Ticket To Hell
2 - Dynasty
3 - Join The Blind
4 - A.H.
5 - Eyes Of Fire
6 - I Am I
7 - Man Made Paradise
8 - We March