Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Red Chord - Fed Through The Teeth Machine (2009)

Before grinding, technical, mathy metalcore was cool, The Red Chord were cranking out chaotic records on DIY labels and continue to blaze trails with "Fed Through the Teeth Machine," which finds the band's exemplary musicianship perfectly complementing Guy Kozowyk's vocal tirades about the ills of society.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: The Dillinger Escape Plan - The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza - The Nicea Room

Track listing:
1 - Demoralizer
2 - Hour Of Rats
3 - Hymns And Crippled Anthems
4 - Embarrassment Legacy
5 - Tales Of Martyrs And Disappearing Acts
6 - Floating Through The Vein
7 - Ingest The Ash
8 - One Robot To Another
9 - Mouthful Of Precious Stones
10 - The Ugliest Truth
11 - Face Area Solution
12 - Sleepless Nights In The Compound

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prideswallower - Lifeswallower (2007)

Six crushing songs from Louisville's Prideswallower featuring members of Kodan Armada/In Tongues. Prideswallower takes the legacy of late 90's Seattle sound and sends it through the monsterous amps and feedback laden soundscapes that dominate the Louisville hardcore sound in recent years. The result is sure to make your ears bleed and your heart pound.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Nirvana - Young Widows - Fugazi

Track listing:
1 - Prideswallower
2 - Timeswallower
3 - Youthswallower
4 - Lifeswallower
5 - Nerveswallower
6 - Flyswallower

No Friends - Self Titled (2009)

So THIS is what happens when you lock Tony (Municipal Waste) and Sam, Richard, and Alex (New Mexican Disaster Squad) in a cement mixer! Right on!! No Friends seethes and boils with the same unbridled fury that defined mid-80's hardcore while also drawing strongly on the melodic elements pioneered by Dag Nasty and Descendents. Cynical, misanthropic, and critical, this record exists in the grey area between a punch to the throat and a desperate hug from an old friend.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Kid Dynamite - Minor Threat - Shook Ones

Track listing:
1 - Intro
2 - Set In Your Ways
3 - Never Ending Fight
4 - Broken Windows
5 - Have You Ever Heard Aspirations?
6 - We've Got No Friends
7 - Sans Opinions
8 - Black Hearse
9 - Material Addictions
10 - Clean Up Crew
11 - Loaded Question
12 - Outro

Living Hell - Oblivion (2009)

Oblivion, Living Hell’s second album, is a clear and definitive progression from their debut record The Lost And The Damned. Combining hardcore, punk, thrash and black metal, Oblivion is truly a unique and moving record.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Eyehategod - Cursed - Integrity

Track listing:
1 - Sin Of The World
2 - Blessed Are The Dead
3 - Demonic Assault
4 - A New Skin For An Old Demon
5 - Oblivion
6 - 122112
7 - Amidst The Wolves
8 - Gods Undone
9 - Seething Envy
10 - Leviathan

Neurothing - Murder Book (2009)

Neurothing brings a weird blend of death metal, hardcore, and thrash. This is one of the few bands that you can't just put your finger on one style, the music is just morphed into a strange mix of everything. Download and hear for yourself.

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace
Rock if you like: Gojira - Meshuggah - ??????

1. Hope
2. Kill It
3. Hands of Death
4. High Pain Threshold
5. My Cell
6. Raskolnikov
7. Railroad Track
8. Infinity
9. King Rat
10. More Than Time
11. Last Page Has Begun


Naumachia - Black Sun Rising (2009)

Naumachia fuses Melodic Black/Death Metal with a more industrial sound much like Shadows Land. Its a weird twist with synthesized guitars and tempo to the brutal death genre but they do it well enough to not be annoying. For those who liked the Shadows Land cd I posted before, this cd is up your alley.

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace
Rock if you like: Shadows Land - Behemoth - Vader

1. Inward Spiral
2. Egomaniac Frenzy
3. Mortification Study
4. Voreristic Life Abuser
5. Fornicatrix
6. Iconography of Pain
7. Sedated Daimona
8. Abreaction
9. Act of Renunciation


Kiana - Abstract Entity (2009)

Hailing from Finland, Kiana revives the melodic death metal style with many accessible factors: catchy chorus parts with clean/death vocals, chugging low end guitars and melodic hooks that fall within the tradition of many Swedish/Finnish bands.

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace
Rock if you like: Diablo - In Flames - Soilwork

1. Greed
2. Beloved Addiction
3. Heartburn
4. Scars
5. Son of the Dawn
6. Psychotic Drama
7. Brother’s Keeper
8. Reflections
9. The End
10 Worries Turned To Dreads
11. Sickness In Me


Fleshworks - The Deadventure (2009)

Old school death metal from Germany, Fleshworks gives it to you straight forward and heavy as all hell. They don't mess around with trying to impress you with their skills, they just play brutal death.

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace
Rock if you like: Old Hypocrisy - Bolt Thrower - Incantation

1. Shadows
2. Cannibal cave
3. The inside desease
4. We are the dead
5. The cleansing
6. Hungry are the damned
7. For the weak and for the wounded
8. Blood sculptures
9. The awakening of the ghoul
10.The fall of the (USS)Indianapolis


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Skeletonwitch - Breathing the Fire (2009)

"Skeletonwitch is a Blackened Thrash Metal band formed in 2003. The band formed in Athens, Ohio by Nate Garnette (Guitar), Scott Hedrick (Guitar),Chance Garnette (Vocals), Eric Harris (Bass), Derick Nau (Drums)."

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace
Rock if you like: Toxic Holocaust - Warbringer - Goatwhore

Track Listing:
1 - Submit To The Suffering
2 - Longing For Domination
3 - Where The Light Has Failed
4 - Released From The Catacombs
5 - Stand Fight And Die
6 - The Despoiler Of Human Life
7 - Crushed Beyond Dust
8 - Blinding Black Rage
9 - Gorge Upon My Soul
10 - Repulsion Salvation
11 - Strangled By The Unseen Hands
12 - ...And Into The Flame


Monday, October 5, 2009

Belphegor - Walpurgis Rites: Hexenwahn

"Belphegor emerges as one of the most extreme line ups to ever come out of the blackened death metal scene. The band members themselves describe their hellride as “Supreme Death / Black Metal Art”.
Formed in 1993 originally under the name Betrayer, the band became popular in the metal scene, their lyrical themes being gore, blasphemy and satanism. Their first album “The Last Supper” was released by Lethal Records, the two following albums by Last Episode (now known as “Black Attakk”) which they called a “rip-off label” afterwards. After releasing their live album “Infernal Live Orgasm” on their own label Phallelujah Productions, they signed on Napalm Records, but as they said afterwards, this label didn’t support them enough and they were “fed up with this respectless treatment”. Now the band has signed on Nuclear Blast and released a new album, “Pestapokalypse VI” IN 2006."

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace
Rock if you like: Marduk - Behemoth - Dark Funeral

Track Listing:
1 - Walpurgis Rites
2 - Veneratio Diaboli - I Am Sin
3 - Hail the New Flesh
4 - Reichswehr In Blood
5 - The Crosses Made In Bone
6 - Der Geistertreiber
7 - Destroyer Hekate
8 - Enthralled Toxic Sabbat
9 - Hexenwahn - Totenkult


Converge - Axe To Fall (2009)

With classic metal enjoying resurgence as bands like Mastodon introduce a new generation to the majestic riffage of Sabbath and Zeppelin, it is only right that one of the bands responsible for that resurgence, Converge, should offer up their most accessible album to date. With their new album, Axe to Fall, coinciding with their national tour with Mastodon, Converge are set to find the wider audience that the band, as pioneers of post-hardcore, so richly deserve. Formed in Salem, MA, in 1990, Converge are to modern metal what the Ramones were to punk, with albums like Jane Doe and You Fail Me considered touchstones of the genre. Axe to Fall takes the band’s maverick attitude to new highs; with leader Jacob Bannon finding searing melodies amidst the chaos of chords that is their hallmark, while the band’s sound finds richer textures and deeper hooks than ever before. Nothing of the old Converge is sacrificed; everything is gained, in what may come to be considered the band's masterpiece.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Curl Up And Die - Botch

Track listing:
1 - Dark Horse
2 - Reap What You Sow
3 - Axe To Fall
4 - Effigy
5 - Worms Will Feed
6 - Wishing Well
7 - Damages
8 - Losing Battle
9 - Dead Beat
10 - Cutter
11 - Slave Driver
12 - Cruel Broom
13 - Wretched World

The_Network - Bishop Kent Manning (2009)

Taking lessons from the school of Coalesce and Bloodlet, The Network finally captured their full essence at God City Studio with engineer/producer Kurt Ballou. The album title and theme is based on a short story by a member of the band about greed, regret, life, blind faith, death and consequence.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Coalesce - Burnt By The Sun - Deadguy

Track listing:
1 - From Holy Water To Holy Wars
2 - Following And Failing
3 - Your Own Personal Time Bomb
4 - Service With A Smile
5 - Telethons For The Rich
6 - Paranoid Deserter
7 - Easter Just Stopped Showing Up
8 - Corpse Paint
9 - You Fucking Fakes
10 - Kent Manning