Sunday, August 28, 2011

Low Places - Spiritual Treatment (2011)

Brutal powerviolence influenced hardcore from California ala Neanderthal/Spazz. Low Places combine sludge and doom with punk hardcore and even tads of low-fi grind. Artwork designed by the notorious Szymon.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Full Of Hell - Young And In The Way - Pulling Teeth

Track listing:
1 - Opfer
2 - Skeleton
3 - Controlled Chaos
4 - Crawl
5 - Struggle To Exist
6 - Sleeping In
7 - Detached
8 - The Doors Are Closing In

Full Of Hell - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home (2011)

This record is described better by the band's name than the record's title. This release has it all: creepy artwork, fast/angry music, and the sweet DIY feel that makes this record punk as fuck. Taking elements of staple thrashy bands combined with doomy riffs and chaotic structure that make Full Of Hell very hard to categorize. Angry, Epic, choose an adjective. Perhaps "Awesome" works best.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Low Places - Young And In The Way

Track listing:
1 - Pile Of Dead Horses
2 - Endless Drone
3 - The Bed Is Burning
4 - Rat King
5 - The White Mare
6 - Dregs Of Pluto
7 - Black Iron
8 - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
9 - Pisces Legs
10 - The Oars Are Broken
11 - Affirmation Of Nothing

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Circle Takes the Square - Decompositions - Vol I. Chapter 1. Rites of Initiation

New EP. You all know what this band sounds like, download if you like 'em. I do.

Track Listing:
1- Enter By the Narrow Gates
2- Spirit Narrative
3- Way of Ever-Branching Paths
4- The Ancestral Other Side


Friday, August 19, 2011

The Great Old Ones

Excellent French black metal that's heavily influenced by Lovecraft, and definitely one of the most promising new black metal bands I've heard in quite a while. They're recording a full-length later this year so here's some pre-production tracks to hold you over.

Status: Active
Contact: Facebook
Rock if you like: Black metal - Lovecraft - Music that doesn't suck

Track Listing:
1- Al Azif
2 - Visions of R'lyeh
3 - The Truth


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moloch - 10" (2008)

One of my favorite sludge/whatever records of all time. Had the pleasure of seeing these guys with Thou two days in a row. Stupid heavy, stupid pissed. Get into it.

Status: Active
Contact: Facebook
Rock if you like: Eyehategod - Drugs - Hating things

Track listing:
1 - Thy Grief
2 - What Is This/Who Is Coming
3 - Black Water
4- Repulsion


Friday, August 12, 2011

All Pigs Must Die - God Is War (2011)

APMD is a band committed to uncompromising sonic warfare. Its lyrics, sound and imagery aim to assault and unnerve. Not simply for petty shock, but to reveal humanity's true face through art and song. APMD is a collective consciousness of individuals placing all importance on the music and the releases while rejecting any and all preconceived notoriety based on (members of...). The band is dedicated to itself and nothing more. This file includes their first Ep (Self Titled) and the new Ep (God Is War). Enjoy.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Trap Them - The Hope Conspiracy - Nails

Track listing:
1 - Death Dealer
2 - Pulverization
3 - Sacrosanct
4 - God Is War
5 - The Blessed Void
6 - Third World Genocide
7 - Extinction Is Ours
8 - Sadistic Vindicator

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cursebreaker - The Black Banners (2010)

Portland's Cursebreaker have set the bar for themselves pretty high with their debut, The Black Banners. As self described "dirty punk rock" its hard to argue with them except they left out crust and hardcore influenced. It's very hard to pigeon-hole Cursebreaker because they blend styles so well. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Pulling Teeth - Cursed - Backstabbers Inc.

Track listing:
1 - Divergence | Intrinsic To Demons
2 - Count Your Coffins
3 - Blindsons
4 - Blindwind
5 - The Prologue Of Holocaust
6 - Foxcroft & The Witch Children
7 - Born Of Night
8 - Liars, Cheats & Other Proud Americans

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Revocation - Chaos Of Forms (2011)

Revocation returns with a new album of masterful modern metal in Chaos of Forms. Unforgettable songs bend, stop, twist, and shred at virtuosic levels while exploding with frenetic energy. As future classics “Cradle Robber”, “Dissolution Ritual”, “No Funeral”, “Cretin” and more show, each aspect of the band has been honed to deadly perfection and brings to fruition the promise that (the previous full-length) Existence Is Futile hinted at. Chaos of Forms proves beyond doubt that REVOCATION are masters of their craft and metal’s finest new band.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Slayer - Exodus - Heathen Shrine

Track listing:
1 - Cretin
2 - Cradle Robber
3 - Harlot
4 - Dissolution Ritual
5 - Conjuring The Cataclysm
6 - No Funeral
7 - Fractal Entity
8 - Chaos Of Forms
9 - The Watchers
10 - Beloved Horrifier
11 - Dethroned
12 - Reprogrammed

Vader - Welcome To The Morbid Reich (2011)

There are very few bands that have managed to weave a web of mystery around them. Even fewer have survived and remained strong throughout the decades. Alongside the American legends Morbid Angel, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, Vader are perhaps the only European band who have sustained their exalted status this long. They were the first band from behind the “Iron Curtain" to sign to a Western label, and, twenty-eight years later, they are still paving the way for younger bands such as Behemoth, Decapitated and many more.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Hate - Decapitated - Morbid Angel

Track listing:
1 - Ultimate Thule
2 - Return To The Morbid Reich
3 - The Black Eye
4 - Come And See My Sacrifice
5 - Only Hell Knows
6 - I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
7 - Don't Rip The Beast's Heart Out
8 - I Had A Dream
9 - Lord Of Thorns
10 - Decapitated Saints
11 - They Are Coming
12 - Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel