Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lecherous Nocturne - The Age of Miracles has Passed (2008)

Lecherous Nocturne is another addition to Unique Leader Record's arsenal that has great potential to become a reckoning force. They have all of the key features to make very memorable music for the Death Metal genre. The Age of Miracles has Passed holds nothing short of what is to come in the future for this band. They are touring Starting next month so look for a date near you (March 21 for Portland, Oregon @ the Red Room on 82nd Ave. It's their last show on the tour as well and it's free!).

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Monstrosity - Broken Hope - Goatwhore

Track listing:
1. Just War Theory
2. We Are As Dust
3. When Single Shines The Tripled Sun
4. Edict of Worms
5. The Age of Miracles Has Passed
6. Requiem For The Insects
7. Death Hurts Only The Living
8. The Preponderance of Fire


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Robotosaurus - Manhater (2008)

ROBOTOSAURUS have taken action and pushed through the barriers of heavy music to create the next extreme in sonic defilement in “Manhater”, their dark, crushing, and frantic debut album. Cramming 13 songs into just 25.5 chaotic minutes, the release is the band's most focused and mature sounding effort to date.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Daughters - The Great Redneck Hope

Track listing:
1 - Muddy Water Is Muddy Water
2 - Party Sick
3 - Track Marks
4 - Sleep
5 - Black Hate Devils
6 - Never Alone In Hell
7 - Golden Bars
8 - Vision
9 - Black Eyes
10 - Desperate Love
11 - Double Edged Sword
12 - Ineternal Bleeding
13 - Mankind

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Born/Dead - The Final Collapse (2007)

Born/Dead is a dark, anarchist crust punk band that formed in late 2000 in Oakland, California. Born/Dead's sound and lyrics are influenced by classic American Hardcore punk, UK peace punk and political Punk bands. They may wear their influences on their sleeve but Born/Dead does a great job adding their own twist into the mix.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Behind Enemy Lines - Aus Rotten - Discharge

Track listing:
1 - Barricades
2 - Years Of Death
3 - Nuance/ The Final Collapse
4 - Bomb Factory
5 - Anamnesis/ Sirens
6 - Eulogy

The Now-Denial - Mundane Lullaby (2007)

The Now-Denial are back with their 4th album. Mundane Lullaby is everything you've come to love about The Now-Denial with even better production quality and a more complete overall feel to their music. With a more driving sound than their previous releases The Now-Denial are showing great growth and surely making waves in the underground music scene.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Perth Express - PG. 99 - Trainwreck

Track listing:
1 - Shades Of Gold And Shit
2 - Osmosis
3 - Cesspools
4 - The Fat Cat
5 - Mundane Lullaby
6 - Glittering Lights Mallratstraps
7 - Mouthful Of Shit
8 - The Frame
9 - Promenade And Warzone
10 - The Roaring Mob
11 - Picnic
12 - The Coffin Is Open

The Now-Denial - Truth Is On Fire (2002)

The Now-Denial is another great crust/hardcore band out of Germany. They play a fast crust influenced style hardcore with a no nonsense approach. Truth Is On Fire is 18 songs of pure pissed off, no punches pulled rock that will surely please fans of all different musical genres.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Perth Express - PG. 99 - Trainwreck

Track listing:
1 - I Don't Care About Friendly Cops (aka A.C.A.B.)
2 - New Defined Needs
3 - Philosophy Behind
4 - The Modern Crusade
5 - Foundation
6 - The End Of The Binary Generation
7 - Life's No Picnic
8 - The Living Dead
9 - The Now-Denial
10 - Elbowed Out
11 - The Cage
12 - The Deconstruction Of Smiles
13 - The Shady Business Of Using Potential
14 - Stereotype Individuality
15 - The Exploration
16 - My Overtaxed Emotional Junkyard
17 - Allegiance And Condolences
18 - With A Stick And A Carrot

Just Went Black - Embracing Emptiness (2007)

Just Went Black are back with another great 6 song Ep. Embracing Emptiness is a great display for how JWB have evolved over the past few years. Everything from the lyrics to song structure and even the vocals have improved and grown on this long awaited release.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Modern Life Is War - Carpathian - Verse

Track listing:
1 - Withered (a goodbye)
2 - The City Lights
3 - Concrete Jungle
4 - Losing Heart
5 - Crossing Reason
6 - Twice As Sure

Just Went Black - Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World (2003)

JUST WENT BLACK is a hardcore punk band from Hamburg, Germany. Balancing Reasons is one of JWB's earlier Eps and showcases their songwriting abilities and over all passion for their music. A small glimpse of great things to come for a very talented band.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Modern Life Is War - Carpathian - Verse

Track listing:
1 - The Hardest Lesson To Learn
2 - Not Quite As Bright
3 - Between The Lines
4 - Once
5 - An Arsonists Flame

Friday, January 2, 2009

Endeavor - Constructive Semantics (2000)

Endeavor were one of the first bands ever to sign with Trustkill records. Back when the label was still trying to gain some form of a reputation. Endeavor play fast loud technical metal based hardcore. Members went on to form Burnt By The Sun.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: Burnt By The Sun - The Luddite Clone - Burn It Down

Track listing:
1 - Kill Traitors
2 - Ajar
3 - Kiss Of The Spider Woman
4 - The Drug Song
5 - Green Gum Balls
6 - Koko Puffs
7 - Semantics
8 - Sabbath
9 - Beard And Wifebeater
10 - Skippy Loves Mallory
11 - Little Man
12 - Luke Perry Wears Sweatpants
13 - Appendix To A Dating Handbook
14 - Incentive

Escarres - Plumerid (2008)

Escarres hails from France and play a brand of sassy metallic Punk 'n Roll. The brilliantly combine elements of Rock 'n roll, Hardcore and Punk Rock with a great sense of seemlessness. Plumerid is their debut LP but has a definite sense of maturity not often found on a bands first release.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Please Mr Gravedigger - Lords - PG. 99

Track listing:
1 - Barry Is White Vs. Marvin Is Gay
2 - Creuser Sa Fosse
3 - Nos Habits Sont Morts
4 - Mes Grand Parents Aiment La Violence
5 - 1000 Borgnes
6 - Jai Vu Une Boite Aux Lettres Dans Un Cimetiere
7 - I'm An 8-Bit Boy
8 - La Prophetie Du Mercure
9 - Bebop Vs. Rocksteady
10 - Pause
11 - Pay As You Talk
12 - Plastic Brain