Friday, July 31, 2009

Burning Love - Demo (2009)

Burning Love are a grimey rock n roll band out of Ontario Canada. This demo features 6 tracks ripped from a cassette tape which gives the music even more grit. Features Chris Colohan (Cursed - The Swarm - Left For Dead) on vocals.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Cursed - Hour Of The Wolf - Doomriders

Track listing:
1 - Intro
2 - Lives Of The Saints
3 - Alien Vs. Creditor
4 - Money Shots
5 - I Don't Like You
6 - Burning Love

Black Teeth - Ghost Town Anthems (2009)

Black Teeth are a dark hardcore band out of Peoria, IL. Ghost Town Anthems is their 2nd release and includes 5 new tracks. Black Teeth don't do anything groundbreaking, but they are extremely talented and excellent songwriters.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Cursed - Modern Life Is War - His Hero Is Gone

Track listing:
1 - Ghost Town Anthems
2 - Downtrodden
3 - Breathe Sin
4 - Nails
5 - Oceans

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cattle Decapitation - The Harvest Floor (2009)

The Harvest Floor is Cattle Decapitation's 5th full length CD and most impressive release to date. A perfect example of Deathgrind music done well, Cattle Decapitation encompasses a variety of styles into their sound creating a virtual rollercoaster ride effect. Deep guttural growling vocals and high pitched screams spew forth gore-laden lyrics from front-man Travis Ryan as the diverse guitar style of Josh Elmore and the monstrous bass sound of Troy Oftedal are accompanied by their new drummer David McGraw, who takes Cattle Decapitation to a whole new level of extreme speed and brutality. I know this has been out for a while but it's worth posting.

Status: Active
Contact: Myspace, Website
Rock If You Like: Misery Index, Pig Destroyer, Origin

Track Listings:
1. The Gardeners of Eden
2. A Body Farm
3. We are Horrible People
4. Tooth Enamel & Concrete
5. The Ripe Beneath the Rind
6. The Product Alive
7. In Axetasy
8. Into the Public Bath
9. The Harvest Floor
10. Regret & the Grave

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Argy Bargy - Drink, Drugs, Football Thugs

"Street punk" from the UK. That's all I can find.

Status: Active
Rock If You Like: Oi, Street Dogs, Cock Sparrer

Track Listing:
1 - Bothering Me
2 - Read All About It
3 - So Many Lies
4 - What Are You Fighting For
5 - Here We Go Again
6 - When Darkness Comes
7 - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
8 - Found Out
9 - Whips And Chains
10 - Get Out Of My Life
11 - Vigilante
12 - Now Or Never

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sabertooth Zombie - ... And Your Fathers Are Dead In The Ground (2009)

Sabertooth Zombie is an eclectic hardcore outfit from the north San Francisco Bay area. Fusing skate punk, thrash metal and hardcore, SZ pushes one of the most unique sounds in the current hardcore scene.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Ceremony - Trap Them - Lights Out

Track listing:
1 - Guide Me
2 - Cleft Stick
3 - Natural Life
4 - Grim & Hopeless
5 - Apples
6 - Children
7 - Lonely Town
8 - Grave Digger
9 - Body Turned Transmitter
10 - Voice On Tape
11 - Hex Sells
12 - Spacemen & Cops
13 - Dangerous Beat
14 - Insomnia
15 - Grim & Hapless
16 - Old Fools
17 - The Man That Lived And Died Asleep
18 - Like A Shadow; Like Shackles

Sunday, July 26, 2009

HARK! It's A Crawling Tar-Tar - Dorr Darr Gelap Communique (2005)

Hark! It's A Crawling Tar-Tar are a crust hardcore band out of Indonesia. They combine gloom, depression and angst which makes for a very creative sound. Lyrically they challenge the listener to open their minds and think about things we all take for granted and find as commonplace.

Status: Inactive
Rock if you like: His Hero Is Gone - From Ashes Rise - Tragedy

Track listing:
1 - HARK! HARK! HARK! 1-X-Y Common Thinking Errors To Avoid
2 - Samsul Bachri Menggugat
3 - ... And This Is Supposed To Save Our Marriage, Kundang
4 - Jual Daki Tuk Sesuap Nasi
5 - Kirim Balik Armada Itu Ke Gujarat!
6 - Situ Bagendit Terpaksa Di-Persona-Non-Grata
7 - Dorr Darr Gelapp
8 - Behold! Tempe Mendoan Governs Your Intellect!
9 - Kartu Garansi Setrika Di Neraka
10 - Runtuhnya Surau Mereka
11 - Gastrointestinal Disorder Ricochets In Rengasdengklok Expose; A Hoax
12 - Tagonian Kita Memang Tak Layak Dari Bandung
13 - Gramatikkaly Oppressed
14 - Tular Tularkan Tar-Tar Alias Spreading The Disease

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fall of Efrafa - Inlé (2009)

"The long awaited final chapter of the "The Warren of Snares" trilogy, Fall Of Efrafa conclude their mythological tale of an uprising against an oppressive regime, based upon an interpretation of the classic novel "Watership Down" by Richard Adams. Inlé is crushing yet beautiful; ambient and atmospheric heavy post hardcore, bringing to mind the likes of Neurosis, Buried Inside, Envy, Earth and Godspeed You Black Emperor."

Status: Active, but not for long.
Contact: Official Site
Rock if you like: Ekkaia - Madame Germen - Ictus

Track Listing:
1 - Simulacrum
2 - Fu Inle
3 - Republic of Heaven
4 - The Burial
5 - Woundwort
6 - The Sky Suspended
7 - The Warren of Snares

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glass And Ashes - Self Titled (2008)

Glass And Ashes enter the fray with their 2nd album: a storm raging, a force of nature unleashed on barren landscapes, rending vast destruction as compelling art. Pummel and rage, burn and seethe, crossing from one side of melodic hardcore into the heaviest rock. The past is burnt and frayed. The future is unwritten.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Planes Mistaken For Stars - As Friends Rust - 12 Hour Turn

Track listing:
1 - Seconds Before The Floor Drops Out
2 - To The Point Of Paralysis
3 - We Will Hang For This
4 - Bird's Eye View
5 - Alpha State
6 - North Flight
7 - Exit Wound
8 - Count Back From 10
9 - Dead Bodies Skyscrapers High
10 - The Rebuttal

Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom (2008)

Off With Their Heads are a snotty punk group out of Minneapolis. From The Bottom is their 3rd full length and keep true to the style that they are known for. Lyrically OWTH are dark dire and desperate, and they mix that with somewhat upbeat music.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Dillinger Four - 88 Fingers Louie - Chinese Telephones

Track listing:
1 - I Am You
2 - Wrong
3 - 1612 Havenhurst
4 - Go On Git Now
5 - Until The Day
6 - Keep Fallin Down
7 - Terrorist Attack?
8 - Self Checkout
9 - Fuck This, I'm Out
10 - For The Four
11 - Ten Years Trouble
12 - I Hope You Know

Dear Landlord - Dream Homes (2009)

Dear Landlord are a punk group out of Carbondale, IL. Featuring members of Off With Their Heads. They carry the torch high, burning the brightest when they step to the mic together for anthemic choruses cut by snotty leads and have a real knack for writing songs that get stuck in your head.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Dillinger Four - Ann Baretta - The Movielife

Track listing:
1 - I Live In Hell
2 - Rosa
3 - High Fives
4 - Lake Ontario
5 - Landlocked
6 - Doormat
7 - Three To The Beach
8 - Park Bench
9 - Goodbye To Oakland
10 - Last Time I Checked
11 - Whiskey And Records
12 - Lost Cause
13 - Begging For Tips
14 - A World That We Never Made

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Hope Conspiracy - True Nihilist (2009)

Boston's The Hope Conspiracy has been a brute force in the aggresive music community since its inception. Through years of relentless touring and now classic releases on the Equal Vision and Bridge 9 labels, The Hope Cons impact and influence is undeniable. True Nihilist is their latest offering and is a perfect example of how The Hope Con has matured and still kept the same elements of what got them to the peak of greatness.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Ruiner - This Is Hell - American Nightmare

Track listing:
1 - In The Shadow Of God
2 - Greed Taught, War Driven, Born To Die
3 - The Dismal Tide