Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Split Cranium - Self Titled (2012)

Split Cranium are a D-Beat inspired punk band based out of both the US and Finland. Although at first listen this album may seem a bit more melodic than other D-Beat juggernauts, Split Cranium ultimately add a fresh look to a genre that can be a bit stale at times. Features Aaron Turner of Isis on vocals and guitars.

Status: Active
Contact: bandcamp
Rock if you like: From Ashes Rise - Wolfbrigade - Motorhead

Track listing:
1 - Little Brother
2 - Tiny Me
3 - The Crevice Within
4 - Blossoms From Boils
5 - Sceptres To Rust
6 - Black Binding Plague
7 - Yellow Mountain
8 - Retrace The Circle

Toxic Holocaust split w/ Municipal Waste (2012)

This may be one of the best splits released in the last 10 years. If you like crossover/ thrash you are going to love this. 2 tracks by each band. Get this now!

Status: Active
Toxic Holocaust: bandcamp
Municipal Waste: website
Rock if you like: Gama Ray - DRI - Havok

Track listing:
1 - MW - Trapped in the Sites
2 - MW - Mourning Sex
3 - TH - We Bring Em Hell
4 - TH - Alter-ed States

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homewrecker - Worms And Dirt (2012)

Ohio's HOMEWRECKER present their most vicious effort to date! Nine tracks of dark brooding metallic hardcore/powerviolence recorded at the infamous MARS compound. If you like what you hear make sure you pick this one up.

Status: Active
Contact: Bandcamp
Rock if you like: Low Places - Seven Sisters of Sleep - Full of Hell

1 - Wreck
2 - Worms and Dirt
3 - Baseborn
4 - Visions of Terror
5 - Chained Hanging Victim
6 - Pipe Dreams
7 - Eyes of Anguish
8 - Charlatan
9 - Beaten Freedom

Seven Sisters Of Sleep - SSOS (2012)

Seven Sisters Of Sleep are back with their most punishing release to date. SSOS chugs through 6 tracks of downtuned sludge with an unwavering heaviness that should be illegal. Check this shit out then buy it.

Status: Active
Contact: website
Rock if you like: Eyehategod - Crowbar - Full of Hell

Track listing:
1 - Sundown
2 - High Priest
3 - Slower Downer
4 - Green Garden of Unrest
5 - Weapons
6 - Almighty Black Talons

Friday, June 15, 2012

Depravation - Demo Tape

One of the dudes in this band emailed me about posting their demo. It's awesome so you should listen to it.