Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living Eyes - Starve For Agony (2011)

I was going to write something for our readers about the new Living Eyes record, then I found this on "Four losers make good after multiple stints in the septic tank that is modern US punk/hardcore. Members of CEREMONY, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, PUNCH, TALK IS POISON, SKIN LIKE IRON, LOMA PRIETA, RELY, DEAD AND GONE, CALIFORNIA LOVE, etc. Nods to early North American primitive hardcore and UK punk stone carvings. Oakland." Enjoy.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Skin Like Iron - Oathbreaker - Nails

Track listing:
1 - Occupational Hazard
2 - Oblivion
3 - God Country
4 - Starve For Agony
5 - Heathen Blood
6 - Hatemaker
7 - No Shame
8 - Resist

Ultra/Negative - Finally, I'm At Peace (2011)

Finally, I'm At Peace is the debut from New Hampshire's power violence maniacs Ultra/Negative. Ultra/Negative play fast angry loud hardcore, punk and even sometimes sludge influenced power violence. After hearing this release it was very hard to tell that U/N has only been around for 6months. Do yourself a favor, get into this.

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Nails - Dead Language - Low Threat Profile

Track listing:
1 - Rebirth
2 - Noose
3 - I'm Safe
4 - Throat Cutters Union
5 - Transparent
6 - Purge
7 - From Nothing To Nothing
8 - My Head

Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder (2011)

WARBRINGER have taken their songwriting to a whole other level with Worlds Torn Asunder and their reach is sure to broaden with this new collection of non-stop, face-melting aural attacks. Waking Into Nightmares impacts with such unrelenting force that young and old metalheads alike will prey for death!

Status: Active
Rock if you like: Exodus - Slayer - Megadeth

Track listing"
1 - Living Weapon
2 - Shattered Like Glass
3 - Wake Up... Destroy
4 - Future Ages Gone
5 - Savagery
6 - Treacherous Tongue
7 - Echoes From The Void
8 - Enemies Of The State
9 - Behind The Veils Of Night
10 - Demonic Ecstasy